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Heather N. James, P.Eng, LEED® AP, Senior Consultant of Network Recruiting, brings hands on knowledge and through the years, gained considerable office and field experience in a wide variety of projects. She has a firm background in design engineering and especially in the position of consultant engineer. As a vital member of any design team she understands the importance of client satisfaction as well as project profitability and team goals. Her

progression as an engineer has been aided by her employment in some of Vancouver's most reputable firms.

Heather has an acute understanding of the technical needs and skill sets best suited in this rapidly changing marketplace and looks for that and more in all our candidates. Her utmost professionalism and esteemed approach makes her an ease to work with.

Network Recruiting builds off of relationships and connections with Heather James at the fore front.

Heather N. James, P.Eng LEED® AP, has been a design engineer since 1999.

Our Senior Recruiter

From project conception to completion her engineering experience has been honed on projects ranging from institutional Cancer Research developments to residential high-rise developments and everything in between.

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